Meet Farkas Quintet

“Music … stands quite apart from all the other arts. In it we do not recognize a copy, the repetition, of any idea of the nature of the world. When we listen to music, we are able to lose track of ourselves, and in doing so, become free from the struggles of our daily lives, opening the gateway to higher consciousness.”

— Arthur Schopenhauer on, the power of music.

What initially began as five college friends wanting to make music together evolved into a deep friendship in which chamber music emerged as a unifying thread throughout their lives. Despite pursuing different paths in orchestras and family developments, the members of the Farkas Quintet remained together, dedicated to creating chamber music at the highest level. Following Schopenhauer’s philosophy, the Farkas Quintet is always looking for the wordless communication that captures the essence and emotion of music, without precisely knowing what this is. They only know that music connects with the audience. Their reaction is our fulfilment.

Since 1997, Farkas Quintet Amsterdam has grown into one of the prominent wind quintets, characterized by a distinctive ‘quintet sound,’ technical perfection, and absolute freedom in their performances.

In 2004, the quintet won both the jury and audience awards at the prestigious National Chamber Music Competition in Almere. Since then, they have performed on almost all major chamber music stages both nationally and internationally.

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